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Al Ain English Speaking School is a privately owned school. It was set up by the Balfour Group in 1978.

The rationale was to provide an appropriate standard of education for the children of expatriate employers, to ensure that they would not be socially or academically disadvantaged when they returned to their home countries.  We are located on the border between the United Arab Emirates and Oman in the scenic UNESCO world heritage site in the oasis city of Al Ain.
The original model chosen was that of a British system school and that policy has continued to the present day, although recognising that we can be flexible and draw on best practice from other educational systems if appropriate. Children can be admitted to the Nursery classes at the age of 3 (by September 1st) and continue, in Secondary, to take A level examinations at age 18.

The school site is in distinct areas with an Early Years Foundation Stage block housing Nursery and Reception classes, two Key Stage 1 block housings for Year 1 and 2 children and a Key Stage 2 annex for Year 3.  Our Year 4, 5 and 6 children have their classrooms in the main school building. Secondary students move around the school campus to each department for their lessons, whilst also spending daily time with their form tutor discussing their pastoral needs.
In the new Administration block, we have offices for the Principal, the Office Manager and the Admissions and Accounts team. Please come and make enquiries to the Primary Receptionist at any time.  The security guards will happily escort you through the school site.  The Secondary Leadership Team and Secondary Receptionist are based in the main building. The School employs a medical team of two nurses to oversee the well-being of everyone on site, who will care for your child and contact you should there be any need.

We have several outdoor shaded play areas, which offer exciting and modern opportunities for pupils to climb, slide and socialise in addition to being valuable outdoor learning environments. We also value our quiet areas which allow children the choice of taking part in games with each other or sitting quietly and talking with friends. Our PE lessons take place indoors and outdoors and we are proud of our purpose-built swimming pool and gymnasium and running track. Facilities also include a library for both primary and secondary students, which is visited regularly throughout the week.  A large hall with a stage and lighting is a central feature of AAESS, and is used regularly for assemblies, award ceremonies and performances. Parents and pupils share in whole school celebrations throughout the year and enjoy the positive climate of achievement that is created.
As an inclusive school, we are keen to offer education to children who need English language support (EAL) or who have been identified with individual learning needs (ILN). Our trained staff create learning programs for all children and work alongside them to support them in class, in addition to offering personal learning opportunities out of the classroom in a small group. Our focus throughout the school is on creative learning that constantly builds on past successes. We want children to develop their own distinctive talents in a structured and caring environment so that they are happy and feel themselves to be a valued part of the school community.

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Mreefah Street, Al Muwaiji-Ugdat Al Mutawaa, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

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    Andrew Thomas
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Edexcel, Cambridge Assessment International Education

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Our school offers various extra-curricular activities. Please visit our website and/or contact us for more details.

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