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"The success of our students is not a destination, but rather a journey"

At Al Ittihad National Private School-Shakhbout, we strive to unlock doors for our students to a future where success will certainly be very different from today.

INPS-Shakhbout inspires students by offering a high-quality learner-centred education which will enable them to not only achieve academically but also grow to become global citizens. We are creating exemplary practices in the education of students for a 21 st Century global society. As a priority, we aim to offer our students meaningful and challenging educational experiences within an inspiring, safe and supporting environment. We work towards helping them discover and develop their potential as well as promote national values, and become effective members of the local and global communities.

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MFW25 Al Ihsan Street - Shakhbout City, Abu Dhabi , UAE PO.

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    Ms. Asfeh Keblawi
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We offer a range of extracurricular activities such as robotics, Mental Arithmetic Programs, sports, and other hands-on activities to ensure students have the opportunity to be exposed to and enjoy a wealth of different activities.

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