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Al Mawakeb schools are managed by AMSI and provide a comprehensive university preparatory education to students of all backgrounds and nationalities.

Although our medium of instruction is English, we have a multilingual learning environment. Students study the English, French, and Arabic languages from K-12.

Upon completing twelve years of education, students receive a high school diploma which enables the graduates to pursue higher education worldwide.

Al Mawakeb Al Garhoud - licensed by the KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) Dubai, UAE (License #20119) - was founded in 1979 as a private international school.

Al Mawakeb Al Barsha opened in 1997 - licensed by the KHDA Dubai, UAE (License #20120).

Al Mawakeb Al Khawaneej opened in 2018 - licensed by the KHDA Dubai, UAE (License #208080).

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Al Barsha 2

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    Moussa Chahbaz
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NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges)

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Clubs & Extra-Curricular Activities

Our extra-curricular activities (ECA) are designed to foster the overall development of students to become well-rounded and holistic individuals. They target different physical, mental, emotional, social, moral, and spiritual aspects that contribute to this development. All students, including SEND, gifted and talented, are eligible to participate in the ECA of their choice and interest.

We offer a wide-range of activities to our students because we believe that each activity will promote wellness and lifelong learning opportunity. Their involvement in ECA will enhance their life inside and outside the school, broaden their horizons, and develop greater and more engaging experiences that will contribute to the formation of their personal and social characteristics.

Arts and Crafts Club
Scouts Program
Robotics Club
Creative Writing Club
Heritage Club
Career Club
Community Service Club
Junior Chefs
Earth Calling Out (E.C.O)
Photography and Digital Media Club
Music and Dance Club
Theatre and Cinema Club
Innovation Club
Tilawa Club
For the love of our Arabic Language
Student Council/Senate
Sports Club
Varsity Sports (Basketball, Volley ball, football, track, swimming…)

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