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Extending our core values ‘Where Every Child is Special’ as evidenced by the warm, inclusive family-owned ethos, Al Salam Community School will continue to be a leading contributor to education success of the United Arab Emirates.

Taking the best of what the world has to offer in terms of education and the latest research in learning, Al Salam Community School will further provide thought leadership in enhancing the students’ learning experiences and outcomes.

Students will benefit from outstanding facilities with an outward looking view of the world around us to ensure each and every child has a true fusion of academic and holistic education.

Our aim is not only to be at the forefront of an education befitting the 21st century with skills such as Communication, Collaboration, Creativity underpinned with Critical Thinking; but also having the mindset for future success with themes based on: Care, Connection, Culture and Community.

A pledge for Happiness, Sustainability and Innovation will ensure students have a sense of duty to the world in which they are to inherit and parents in partnership with our staff are empowered to ensure a legacy worthy of handover.

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    Kifaya Khan
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