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The world of education has changed dramatically since Ashbal Al Quds Private School opened its doors to the community in the UAE. However, our goal always remains the same: to produce a generation of learners who are tolerant and compassionate; A generation that respects the culture, values ​​and heritage of the United Arab Emirates. The Jerusalem Cubs are keen to develop individuals who are proud of their identity and heritage, and who are able to benefit from their present to achieve a better future. In this regard, we focus on integrating national identity, problem solving, critical thinking, entrepreneurship and innovation into the school curriculum.

Preparing a generation of educated, innovative, and globally minded future leaders and employing students’ capabilities in order to create a distinguished, creative generation with high skills that believes in its homeland and interacts with the outside world to keep pace with the developments of the times.

We strive to provide a quality education that enables our students to develop into confident and responsible members of a complex, rapidly changing society. We also work to provide a safe environment that will foster a generation of students who will make worthwhile contributions to their community while preserving the customs and beliefs of the UAE.

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24 Street, MSH11, Khalifa B, Abu Dhabi

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    A. Wissam Muhammad Obaid
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Our school offers various extra-curricular activities. Please visit our website and/or contact us for more details.

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