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Our school has established a solid foundation of academic excellence as well as a warm, inclusive environment in which all of our students feel valued and welcome. Our school is accredited by Alberta Education of Canada. The Alberta curriculum is focused on student-centered inquiry learning, which teaches our students to be independent,  critical thinkers and possess skills to adapt and excel in different situations and environments. An Alberta high school diploma is internationally recognized and enables students to competitively apply to universities and jobs all over the world. The school strives to provide instructional programs that motivate our students to become life-long learners and to improve our students’ self-esteem and confidence as they become ethical citizens and leaders in a global society. In addition to our outstanding academic program, our students enjoy a wealth of extra-curricular activities, clubs and opportunities to demonstrate excellence.

As a testament to one of the cornerstones of our Vision Statement — to respect diversity — CIS students represent about 70 different nationalities, including Canadian (22%), Emirati (14%), American (13%), and British (5%).

Enrollment is open to English-speaking students who are likely to be successful in the challenging Inquiry-based Canadian curriculum. Our students are encouraged to work hard and play hard. They are supported through the rigorous Alberta curriculum by caring teachers who seek to make success stories of each student. On the other hand, they are also urged to contribute to CIS’s flourishing community through participation in sports, clubs, school improvement initiatives and community service opportunities.

A CIS student is one who is respectful and demands respect in return. A CIS student is one who embraces challenges. A CIS student is one who is learning to be a self-directed thinker and who is preparing himself or herself to be a leader in tomorrow’s technological, international, fast-paced world. A CIS student knows that upon graduation he or she will be ready to take on the world!

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10 Al Ramthah St, Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi

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    Deirdre (Dee) Elder
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At Canadian International School, we believe in a holistic approach to learning and encourage our students to broaden their horizons and explore their talents by participating in one of our after-school clubs. Clubs generally meet once a week and include a wide range of opportunities for activities including, but not limited to, photography, drama, sports, band, and art.

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