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Dar Al Marefa is the only bilingual, English and Arabic, IB Curriculum school in Dubai. Along with our driven dedication to educating and empowering young minds, we strive to create a community of curious and confident lifelong learners. From their Early Years Education to Grade 12, our students are taught to embrace opportunities through inquiry-based learning and to practise Emirati and Islamic values, making them proactive and dynamic global citizens. Our world-class campus is designed to stimulate every student’s learning process and enhance their well-being. Dar Al Marefa is equipped with state-of-the-art educational and extracurricular facilities to give your child a well-rounded foundation. Our teaching methods are always on par with global standards which is why Dar Al Marefa is amongst the top IB schools in the UAE.

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47th St - Al Khawaneej - Al Khawaneej 1 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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    Naira Hamdy Aly Tahoun
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    Dar Al Marefa represents the powerful Emirati values, spirit and cultural identity that has helped to build this great country. We open the school’s doors to welcome all people in the same way that the UAE has opened its doors to the world community, living and learning together for the powerful progress of this nation.
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As the only bilingual, English and Arabic language, IB Curriculum School in Dubai, Dar Al Marefa strives to create a community of curious and confident lifelong learners. We offer the entire spectrum of IB Curriculum programmes: The Primary Years Programme (PYP) in the elementary school, and the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP) in the secondary school, in English and Arabic. Admissions Process 1. Fill in the online Admissions Form 2. Set a date for your child’s assessment 3. Once your child is accepted, pay 10% of the annual school fee 4. Your child’s place is secured

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At Dar Al Marefa, we go beyond academics. We proudly provide a wealth of opportunity and challenge through a specifically designed Extracurricular Activity Programme, delivered by experts in each field. Based on our existing, successful programme of activities, both during and after school, we offer an extensive range of opportunities to appeal to all interests and talents. Our outstanding facilities and aspirational staff, inspire students to discover their passion and desire to reach their unique potential, regardless of ability. Our aim is to provide the stimulus that lights the flame in each student and keeps it burning. All students are encouraged to participate widely, selecting their individual programme across several academic subjects, expressive arts, performance arts, language, design, artificial intelligence, robotics, calligraphy, Islamic cultures and sporting activities, all of which are firmly rooted in learning experiences and life skills. The Extracurricular Activity Programme is also open to serve the surrounding community, creating an integrated and authentic shared learning offer.

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    ll 1051