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Dubai College is so much more than the leading academic school in Dubai, it is a community of excellence at the heart of the city. Our students do have a long track record of excelling academically and this year our GCSE results surpassed all previous records with an impressive 93.8% of students achieving grades 9-7. However, our enviable reputation stems from our consistent and sustained excellence in what we see as the four pillars of the College: sporting, creative, philanthropic as well as academic endeavour. We champion this broader holistic education in the great tradition of the British independent schools which recognize that by producing socially articulate and well-rounded students we are preparing them for their future far better than any exam ever will.

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Dubai College, PO Box 837, Al Sufouh, Dubai

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    Michael Lambert
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    Dubai College is one of the best private schools in the world. Our staff make it their mission to support our able and talented students in pursuit of their academic studies while providing them with as many opportunities as possible to travel, explore, play, create and compete. It is, without doubt, our students who bring the whole school alive with the sound of their music, their laughter, their activities, and their discussions. Please do explore our website or come and see for yourself why our vibrant community is so special. You will be given a very warm Dubai College welcome.
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