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We are delighted to announce that DIPS has already gained the NEASC Accreditation in addition to the full Cognia Accreditation gained two years ago that proves the school is providing quality education. Additionally, we want to draw your attention that DIPS got a ranking of “Developed” in the KHDA Distance Learning Evaluation. As for the current academic year 2022-2023, the school will focus on the following key priorities:
• Creating an inclusive learning environment that provides students with the opportunities and resources needed to meet their full potentials.
• Continuing to support the whole student development i.e., implementing the Collaboration of ACADEMICS, SOCIAL, EMOTIONAL Development (CASED) to promote wellbeing and providing quality education.
• Building teachers’ and leaders’ capacity to achieve high educational standards
• Transitioning from the two-dimensional curriculum and Instruction Model to the three-dimensional curriculum and Instruction Model: Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction
• Developing an innovative learning program: STEM LAB to promote collaboration and exploratory learning that allow students to apply joyfully science, technology, engineering skills, and math.
• Further enhancing the READING LITERACY PROGRAM to develop students’ fluency & comprehension skills across all subject matters.
• Focusing on the United Nations sustainable development goals

In partnership with parents and the community, we strive to prepare every student to be a digitally literate, a lifelong learner, and a productive citizen.

We are committed to providing education following international standards yet adhering to local values and traditions.

Core Values
We believe that our students, staff and community must have the values of integrity, respect, responsibility, excellence, and citizenship.

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    Dr. Akram Zayour
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DIPS gives students the opportunity to explore and select specific areas of study they are interested in. A wide range of elective courses offered at DIPS helps students to discover their passions based on their personal interests and academic goals. DIPS offers a variety of elective courses for High School students in the field of Sciences, Business Administration, IT, and Media. Additionally, the school offers AP Courses in Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

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