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Future Leaders International Private School is the educational product of the vision of Mr. Saif Mubarak Fadel Al Mazrouei, founder of the multi-industry and internationally-acclaimed Bin Fadel Group which has already given birth to more than 15 assorted entities that play a major role in the UAE’s economy and continuously upgrading its infrastructure across various sectors.

Inspired by Abu Dhabi’s 2030 Economic Vision and ADEK’s 2020 Master Plan, and after years of study and research conducted by Mr. Mubarak Saif Al Mazrouei and his team, the need for UAE-based, world-class academic institutions was detected. Meeting this need will lead thousands of the UAE’s students from different nationalities towards a noble aim with the integration of the UAE national agenda:  grass-rooting the crucially required generations of global-minded creative leaders and communicative knowledge inquirers of the 21st century.

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3-5 6 Street, E4-02, Al Danah, Abu Dhabi

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    Elham Al Abed
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Extra Curricular Activities

In order to benefit from these activities, students must make sure and prove to their advisors and teachers that these activities create in them the needed grassroots and seed the information that help them enrich the diverse nature of their STEM and STEAM projects.

The following clubs are offered based on students’ interests, talents and hobbies:

01. Holy Quran Club
02. Arabic Poetry Club
03. Art & Craft Club
04. Robotics Club
05. Environmental Club
06. Sports Club
07. Journalism Club
08. Photography Club
09. MUN Club
10. Chess Club
11. International Culinary Club
12. Book Club
13. Science Club
14. Drama Club
15. Video Editing Club

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