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The world that a student will graduate into will be different to the world of today. Being prepared to excel in an ever-evolving world is what graduates of GEMS FirstPoint School - The Villa, are being taught to do.

Welcome to the school that cultivates excellence: GEMS FirstPoint School.

Offering the renowned National Curriculum for England in an international context, GEMS FirstPoint School distinguishes itself as an individual development institute, where students are taught the foundations of knowledge and encouraged to use technology and enquiry to discover the world and their own strengths and competencies.

The ability to think globally and as an innovator has never been as important as it is today, and this may become even more vital for the next generation of graduates.

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Dubai Land

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    David Wade
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GCSE, A Level

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At FirstPoint school, it is our aim that the Extra-Curricular Activities inspire students to break the walls of the classroom down to explore and expand learning beyond the school day. Each Key Stage has a dedicated staffing team with carefully selected, tailored provisions that enhance the acquisition of skills, learning and development of students emotionally, socially, physically and mentally.

In addition to the rich in- house programmes we also have clubs that are run through our partner ESM in conjunction with their affiliate clubs.

From origami and code breaking, to representing the school in the huge number of squads and competing teams, there really is something for everyone.

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