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Our school provides a high standard, international education to students from all over the world. Our culturally diverse student-body influences our programme as we tailor the traditional English curriculum to meet the needs and expectations of the modern global student.

The modern global student lives in a world where information travels at the speed of light, and alongside individual cultures is an international culture where knowledge is shared and developed. And it is our goal to prepare the modern global student for the world they will work in … the world of tomorrow.

As a GEMS Education school, learning through innovation, growing by learning, pursuing excellence and global citizenship are at the heart of our teaching philosophy. And we encourage students to understand themselves, develop their identities and competencies, and take advantage of opportunities, as they grow to become lifelong learners in the quest for knowledge.

Welcome to our school, we hope you enjoy the journey … this is just the start!

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GEMS Metropole School-, Motor City, Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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    Naveed Iqbal
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At GEMS Metropole education does not belong solely in the classroom. Opportunities for enrichment activities help students to develop their interest and abilities, provides valuable learning experiences outside their studies and promotes independence and inter-personal skills. We run a fantastic Masterclass program which gives students opportunities to get involved in a wide range of projects, societies and activities in Sport, Creative and Performing Arts as well as academic subjects. Many activities are run by our own staff but we also work with external organisations and specialist providers to ensure a high-quality offer for students. Educational visits, both at home and abroad, are complemented by numerous cultural events in school. Opportunities range from university taster days to annual ski trips, Duke of Edinburgh expeditions to National Day Celebrations. Additionally, students lead events throughout the school calendar including sports days and community Iftar celebrations. These experiences are often the highlight of many students’ time at Metropole. Our curriculum also includes specific events to enrich the lives of our students: dedicated days to learn about key life skills such as internet safety and eco weeks supplement our students’ learning.We offer a fantastic range of extracurricular activities: our pupils are lively and curious so we love to feed their enthusiasm.

As a school we value the importance of a healthy active lifestyle and have in place comprehensive masterclasses and squads led by teachers, PE staff and outside sports agency providers. Throughout the school year students have the opportunity to compete in national and international competitions.

We design our activities to spark your child’s creativity. We inspire them to try something new and learn about leadership and teamwork. The talents and interests we cultivate now will nourish them in the future.

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