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If you have a young family to educate and live in Dubai, you are very fortunate for more than geographic reasons. Opened in September 2005, GEMS Royal Dubai School offers an exceptional quality of education from Foundation Stage to Year 6. It is the only outstanding primary school in the Mirdif area and offers the National Curriculum for England, taught by British trained and experienced teachers who have been chosen for their ability to create a motivational, child-centred environment. This has led to the school being recognised as ‘Outstanding’ by the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau (DSIB) and certified as a British School Overseas (BSO)

Throughout the school a warm and friendly ‘family’ atmosphere pervades. Self-confidence and self-esteem thrive in an environment that is encouraging, academically challenging and rewarding. We teach the skills and knowledge recommended by GEMS English Curriculum schools in Dubai, using the best of traditional and modern methods.

Individuals are important to us and we aim to give all of our children positive encouragement during their school life to help them develop into accomplished, happy, self confident, well- mannered young people who have respect for others.

We strongly value links with parents at GEMS Royal Dubai School and work hard to develop effective home-school partnerships. This includes regular communication and times for us to meet and listen to each other as well as an exciting mix of performances, exhibitions, competitions and sporting events. What is most important in our school is a warm family atmosphere where the children feel safe, secure and happy.

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    Jan Steel
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    I am delighted to be able to welcome you to GEMS Royal Dubai School (RDS), our Outstanding-rated, high-performing, inclusive and family-oriented community in the heart of Mirdif. At RDS, our students are empowered to learn and develop and supported to become successful and confident contributors in an ever-changing world.
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One of the many advantages of attending a GEMS Education School is the opportunity to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities. There are so many different sporting, academic and artistic options on offer that children can always find something of interest. Our extra-curricular activities are designed to embellish the curriculum and to complement the all-round development of our pupils.

These activities result in increased confidence and foster good teamwork and co-operation, which in turn bring real benefits to overall achievement.

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