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GEMS Wellington Academy - Silicon Oasis is a distinctive and special place where children feel valued and imagination is very much alive. We encourage the various talents of our students in order to ensure that they all develop a confidence and independence that is recognised by everyone who meets them.

Providing a progression from the Early Years Foundation Stage through an enriched and developed National Curriculum for England into personalised qualification pathways, incorporating IGCSE, GCSE, IB, A’ Level and BTEC, our Academy looks to cultivate a spirit of cooperation, tolerance and mutual respect whilst encouraging individual students to feel that their unique contribution is valued.

Offering world-class facilities, GEMS Wellington Academy - Silicon Oasis places special emphasis on blended learning and the integration of technology into the curriculum, in keeping with the educational rationale of the Academy and the vision of the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority.

As children mature, we are able to scrutinize their academic progress and build a precise picture of each child’s potential; this allows us to reward a child’s hard work over a period of time and brings Early Years Foundation and more senior curricula much closer together, acknowledging that GEMS Wellington Academy - Silicon Oasis is very much one Academy.

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GEMS Wellington School, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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    Sarah O'Regan
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The Academy operates a unique Enrichment Programme – one which provides every student with broader and deeper learning experiences within the whole curriculum. We do not believe in the term "extra-curricular" – we believe that every child should have access to a range of self-selected learning experiences from within creative, action and service-based options as a central part of their curriculum. Our Enrichment Programme takes place during the day, and not at the end, and is enjoyed by every student.

The Enrichment Programme allows students to further demonstrate the skills they need to thrive in the C21st - personal development, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, and the real skills for future study and employment.

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