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Primary Phase

Under the title of Dubai Iranian Elementary School, in 1336, it started its activities as the first Iranian school in the United Arab Emirates and was managed by the Culture Department of the Southern Ports (Bushehr). The primary school has continued to operate in a mixed manner.


Middle Phase

In the 51st-50th academic year, under the name of Abu Ali Sina Educational Middle School, at the same time with the change in the educational system in Iran, it started its activities by accepting students in the first grade of middle school and continued its activities in a mixed manner. Academic year 59-58 Boys 'school has separated from girls The name of Bu Ali Boys' Middle School has followed its educational activities
High School

In 1342, the appendix of the Iranian Iranian School of Dubai started its activities with the launch of the first high school class. From the academic year of 1958-59, it has been separated in terms of gender, and since the academic year of 1959-56, it has continued its activities under the new name of Shahid Mohammad Baqer High School.

Due to the development of Iranian schools, in terms of quantity and quality, with the help of the authorities of the time, the educational place will be built and completed in Qasis area. Admission of students in three courses forms an independent educational complex with a single management.

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    Farhad Eshagh Farhadi Fard
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Extra Curricular Activities

Salman Farsi Educational Complex has offered the following extra-curricular and optional courses in the current academic year in order to increase the ability of students in various fields in addition to formal courses:

Elementary course
- English language
- Computer

First high school
- English extracurricular
- Thinking and lifestyle

Second high school period
- Art
- Thinking and media literacy
- Application of new technologies
- English language extracurricular (experimental 10th grade)

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