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Creative thinking paired with a robust learning environment at LISF brings students to a hub of energy, knowledge, competition and enthusiasm.

Enrolling at LISF means enrolling into a journey to become the next youth icon, pioneer or leader. Students at LISF are recipients to comprehensive yet constructive teaching methodologies, diversity of cultures, an ocean of knowledge, athletic activities, state-of-the-art facilities and a pool of opportunities.

The Liwa way of learning is non-traditional, creative, robust, pragmatic, positive, inquisitive, competitive, enthusiastic and informative.

A curriculum designed by experts in the academic industry, the core objective is to promote research, self-analysis, participation, self-reliance and self-confidence while acknowledging diversity within their local identity, appreciating communities and valuing opinion of key members.

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1-1 15 Street, Falaj Hazza-Magar Al Dhabi, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

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    Neil Murphy
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ISO, Cognia

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Our school offers various extra-curricular activities. Please visit our website and/or contact us for more details

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