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At the Renaissance School, we are a school that builds on strengths.

We promote a culture whereby students are encouraged to strive and learn the power of taking risks, making mistakes and learning from them.

We ask students to take on bigger challenges from time to time, for example in a school competition or play/performance – we will give children the opportunity to ‘have a go’ and will always be on hand when things don’t go right first time – this builds a key skill, namely resilience.

We help every child to learn how to run a business, backing them with the resources and guiding their decisions, so they will understand how to create wealth and jobs.

We also ensure that every child develops the digital skills they need to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing, competitive global society.

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Dubai Sports City

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    Badry Bawady
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Extra Curricular Activities

*Please note: Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, after school activities have been suspended until further notice.
Extra-curricular provision is strong and, in keeping with our philosophy, students are expected to challenge themselves and ‘have a go’.

Weekly sessions for clubs and societies generally run either immediately after school or during lunch and other breaks.

Extra-curricular activities are run by the English, Music, PE and Art faculties to ensure there is a level of extra-curricular provision in keeping with a good school. Activities include drama productions (including large-scale plays and musicals as well as smaller-scale productions), music performances, art shows and fashion shows, and a good range of extra-curricular sport.

KG students have extra-curricular options during and after the school day.

All students are expected to participate in at least two clubs, societies and activities each term. Tutors guide individuals to make choices and “try things out”.

Most extra-curricular activities are free but a few programs (for example in outdoor education or on trips where travel is involved) there will be charges simply to cover costs. The school does not provide advanced coaching in sports or clubs but will help interested parents to identify and pursue opportunities where a child has the motivation and talent.

Community Support and charity fundraising are central to the school. Community Service will be an option for older students. Each term, the school works with the Red Crescent and provides support with a termly collection run by the students’ charity committee. A number of charitable projects will be undertaken each term.

We will develop added extra-curricular options for high school students in digital learning and we envisage possible themes and clubs such as science, coding and robotics.

The combined effect of all of the extra-curricular provision is intended to:

provide students with a more rounded education
give students increasing choice and control over their learning
lead students, in particular, to experience the value of contributing to service in their communities

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