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The School of Research Science was founded in 1998 to provide a high-quality education to the children of local Emirati families. Since that time, the school has seen a dramatic expansion linked directly to its growth in popularity, also amongst non-Emirati families whose children now comprise approximately one-third of the school’s intake.

A powerful vision coupled with strong ambition and a clear sense of direction has enabled the school to grow and become a very successful all-through, 3 to 18 school with a student roll of over 4000.

Building on this success, the Founder of the school invested in a purpose built primary and secondary school in Al-Warqa with state-of-the-art specialist facilities and a twenty-first century learning environment. High quality provision means that our students achieve high standards in both their academic and personal development.

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Al Warqa'a 4

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    Heath Bailey
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Students have the opportunity to pursue their passions and interests in extracurricular activities, despite the fact that academics play a significant role in the British Curriculum. Activities such as team sports and performing arts are widely available in schools that provide the curriculum. Our school is also characterised by a strong sense of competition and camaraderie among its students. Students are also encouraged to develop skills in debating, discussing, questioning, and problem-solving, all of which are highly valuable skills.

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