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Sharjah American International School (SAIS) – Dubai Branch is a member school of the Sharjah American International School group of schools owned by Dr. Aysha Sayyar and Dr. Nawaf Fawaz. The SAIS family of schools includes branches in 4-Emirates: Sharjah, Dubai, Umm Al-Quwain, and Abu Dhabi.

Sharjah American International School provides an American-based curriculum within a framework of traditional Islamic values. It is SAIS’s overriding belief that students learn to their optimum in a caring, nurturing environment which recognizes the importance of the local culture and traditions. We believe a child’s education is served best when his/her individual needs are met within a challenging and comprehensive curriculum.

We also recognize that a modern school program must be grounded in sound and current education practice. To this end, we believe that staff development is an integral part of our school’s success. We believe that children learn differently and that instruction must be geared to the various learning styles and needs in each classroom wherever possible. Also, we recognize the profound role of parents in the learning process and seek ways to involve the parents in school life. Above all, we believe that school should be an interesting and enriching experience
for each child.

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Al Warqa'a 1

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    Mohammed Sultan Ibrahim
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SAIS Dubai believes in giving students the opportunity to explore and unleash their potential outside of the classroom with various extra-curriculars such as Expo 2020 opportunities, Model United Nations, Model Congress, Workshops, Business Competitions, Sports Competitions, and Student Leadership Positions. These activities will allow students to thrive at SAIS and create an engaging community between the student body.

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