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Star International School Mirdif is a bespoke English Curriculum school in the heart of Mirdif. We are very much a family school, with teachers, SLT, TAs, Admin and site staff all working alongside parents and the wider community to offer our children the best opportunities we possibly can.
Star International School revolves around eight core VALUES which are demonstrated to everybody on a daily basis regardless of colour, race, gender, nationality, age or position in school.

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Extra Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular provision is an important feature of Star International school and we are very proud of the wide range of activities we offer. Taking part in extra-curricular activities can build children’s self-confidence and self-esteem and open up a whole new world of interests and hobbies.
We aim to offer a balance between activities which are provided by our staff and those which are externally sourced to enhance our provision. Activities take place for Primary pupils between 3.00pm and 3.45pm. The programme of activities is distributed at the start of each term and every child will be able to participate in at least one activity a week. Examples of clubs and activities offered in the past include:-
Quran Recitation
Dodgeball Club
Newspaper Club
Science Club
Funky Fitness
Drama Club
Lego Club
Origami Club
Eco Club
Multiskills Club
Construction Club
Star Orchestra
Each term our sports teams participate in fixtures and tournaments against other Dubai schools, this is to encourage sportsmanship, fair play and healthy competition amongst our pupils.

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