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The Aquila School is an exciting new English curriculum school in Dubai with so much to offer your child. Our experienced and passionate staff are committed to ensuring every child develops a love of learning and acquires the skills and knowledge they need for the future. The Aquila School opened in September 2018 to serve the growing educational needs of the surrounding communities in Dubailand, and across Dubai. We offer a high-quality English curriculum enriched to meet the needs of our culturally diverse community. We cater for children from FS1 to Year 10, and in September 2023 we will expand to offer Year 11– Subject to KHDA approvals. We are delighted to have received a ‘Good’ rating from the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau in our school’s first inspection (2022). We have also received two ‘Outstanding’ British School Overseas inspections – a true testament to our school’s offering. We are dedicated to delivering amazing learning, to ensure your child makes as much progress as possible. To do this, we are committed to: - Placing children at the heart of everything we do - Empowering children to make decisions about their own learning - Providing an amazing curriculum in English and Arabic - Employing the very best British trained and qualified teachers - Ensuring every child makes as much progress as possible The Aquila School is the flagship school of the International Schools Partnership (ISP) group, a global network of over 50 schools across 15 countries, which ensures outstanding international learning connections, quality assurance and excellent governance. The Aquila School will eventually be a through school, which plans to offer iGCSE at Year 11, and BTEC for Years 12 and 13. BTEC is rare in the UAE and underpins the ethos of the school reflecting children having choices in their learning. Truly international, The Aquila School is a family of diverse individuals whose collective aim is to build a better world through amazing learning. The power of The Aquila School learning community is achieved by recognising, valuing and connecting the different contributions and talents of all its members. Through an uncompromising balance of individualism and unity we inspire children to find their own unique paths to make a difference. HAPPY SAFE LEARNING – The Aquila School is a happy community school with amazing learning at its heart where pupils are empowered to make choices, engage in meaningful learning experiences and make exceptional progress.

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The Aquila School, Wadi Al Safa 5, Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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    Wayne Howsen
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    Welcome to The Aquila School. I am incredibly proud to have the privilege and responsibility of being the founding Principal of The Aquila School. Having worked in the UAE for ten years and now entering my twenty-third year as a principal, I am excited by the unique opportunity to continue to employ brilliant and experienced teachers to create an amazing school. We believe in providing pupils with ‘amazing learning’ – helping them to learn to levels that amaze them and to inspire them to be successful now and equip them to be successful later. We inspire and support children to discover and pursue their passion in learning through maximum choice and authentic learning linked to real life. Our vision places the interests and needs of children at the heart of everything we do. We want Aquila children to be resilient, independent, thoughtful and caring individuals, well equipped for future work and life experiences. I am delighted to be working alongside Mrs. Kylie Cleworth, our Head of Primary and Mr Benjamin Atkins, our Head of Secondary to make this happen. We all share similar aspirations for The Aquila School, creating a safe and happy learning environment for our pupils – where children love coming to school and make as much progress as possible. As an international school in Dubai, we welcome and celebrate a diverse learning community. Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum for England with a global flavour, in order to ensure our children become truly ‘international’ in their outlook and attitude. We integrate the wonders of Dubai’s locality and ecology along with the culture and heritage of both the UAE and our children’s home countries, to inspire learning and create a sense of responsibility for our local and global environment. As well as focusing on academic excellence, our curriculum incorporates technology (food, design and IT), as well as music and the arts, while truly valuing community, school connectedness and relationships – all to ensure children love coming to school and love learning. You are very welcome to come and meet us to find out more!
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British Schools Middle East (BSME) and British School Overseas (BSO)

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At The Aquila School, Extra – curricular activities are offered by all teaching staff including the leadership of the school. They run after school and finish according to which phase your child attends. Extra – curricular activities are open to children from Year 1 and above. School-led extra-curricular activities are free of charge. Encouraging children to make choices and to develop independence is a key part of our approach,and as such, all children are surveyed termly to see what extra-curricular activities they want to be available. Based on pupil choice, there is usually a whole range of extra – curricular activities available – cultural, educational and creative. These include drama, basketball, tennis,, maths, science, yoga, computing, mindful colouring, reading, construction, quiz, dance, cartoon club, ipad club, football, creative writing and art, to name a few.

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