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Welcome to The Indian International School (IIS), located in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), offering world-class education from Kindergarten to Grade 10. IIS-DSO is a school where we focus on every single child in our care. We provide education that fits your child’s needs in a dynamic environment that is perfect for preparing your child for the complex and demanding world that we live in.

IIS-DSO is a part of The Indian High Group of Schools which was established in 1961. Managed by a philanthropic Board of Trustees, the IHS Group has established itself, over the last 60 years of its existence, as a pioneer in the field of education. As a not-for-profit school, we believe in giving back to the community and has over the years earned the trust of its stakeholders.

The Indian International School – DSO follows the Indian Curriculum and is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi. Since its inception in 2011, the school has been soaring higher and has been making breakthroughs by adapting itself remarkably in the changing socio-economic scenarios uncompromising on the quality of education and principles for which it stands.

Students are actively encouraged to develop their critical thinking, creativity and capacity for innovation, thus acquiring the much-desired skills that are sought after by top universities and companies across the globe. They are well supported by its academic team of teachers who are highly qualified experts in their subjects. They are friendly, empathetic and passionate about developing their students’ knowledge, skills and competencies. Lessons are stimulating and engaging with teachers using a variety of methods. We aim to provide a high achieving environment in which the students feel happy, valued and empowered to achieve high standards both academically and in their overall development.

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Dubai Silicon Oasis

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Extra Curricular Activities

The extra-curricular activities of the school are held both during school hours and after school.
I. Activities & Programs during school
The Important Days and Sessions: Can one deny the need to feel serene, energetic, motivated and adapt to various ups and downs? IIS thus celebrates health through International Yoga Day, Dubai Fitness Challenge, Mindfulness Sessions. In addition, special days such as Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, Gandhi Jayanti etc are also celebrated.

Celebrations: Term End Celebrations, Birthday Wishes, Picnics, Corridor Makeovers (Around the world, Reading Lounge, Spotlight, Limelight, Happening Junction, Reading corners) mirrors the joy of life and learning as well as gives an opportunity to develop social skills.

Annual Day, Sports Day, and Talents Day: These are some of the effective tools to overcome the academic pressure and mental anxieties are celebrated with pomp and grandeur showcasing the achievements of IIS fraternity with undauntable pride and bringing forth the hidden talents of our stars of tomorrow on stage.

The Indian International School celebrates Republic Day with patriotic fervour and zest flashing colour, theme-based performances and parades each year as students feel inspired and participate actively in the ceremony. UAE National Day - Through a series of vibrant performances, our students celebrate and recognize UAE’s rich history, colourful traditions and outstanding achievements. IIS thus instils the highest value of unity in diversity as our students feel the spirit of patriotism on both Republic and UAE National Day.

Communication with a purpose: IIS prioritizes the wellbeing of each student in all aspects. The Heartfulness Sessions conducted have been instrumental to fill up the young minds with positivity- a driving force to help them create a balance within and without. While Parent Talk involves the parent in the learning process by providing a platform to the latter to share their opinions and ideas, the Doctor’s Talk educates learners on any current issue, putting across dos and don'ts to remind them– “Prevention is better than cure”. IIS collects authentic first-hand experience to have an insight of the students’ mind through the Student Survey as the institution takes an uncompromising stand, wherever required.

The Voice of IIS: Student Council and Mini Council - The voice of IIS students not only abridges the gap, if any, between the authorities in concern and the students, but also spreads the seeds of leadership and organizational skills among their peers, driving them to deliver an outstanding performance.

Our Theme-Based Weeks: Integrating knowledge, learning and awareness is what theme-based weeks are all about. Wellness Week, Safety Week, National Bullying Prevention Week, KYS week, Innovation Week and Go Green Week, Islamic Week engages our students with activities like Crazy Hat Day, Fruits and Vegetables Carving, Gratitude Selfie, Islamic Quiz, that make learning interesting and fun as they research, explore, discover and present their perspective to all.

This feeling of connecting with various cultures and appreciating each is further enriched and broadened through Virtual Tours, Celebration of National and International Days of significance and students vent their thoughts on the Cultures of the World in class boards.

IIS feels for the less fortunate: Ramadan Drive-IIS proudly celebrates the ideology of “Giving Back”-as the entire school community contribute food, clothing and other necessities to the less fortunate, thus inculcating in our students- generosity and social responsibility within global community.

Glorifying traditional values through Hindi: Hindi Diwas - All students participate in various activities like recitation and reading, performing in skits and creating write-ups with interesting narratives in Hindi to show respect towards India’s most popular language and the fourth most widely spoken language in the world.
II. The After School Clubs and Camps
We have structured after-school activities that offer opportunities for our students to learn new skills, explore different areas of talent and focus on building social and emotional skills.

After School Activity Clubs - This club allows for free expression of students through experimenting and creating from their imaginations as well as opportunities for skill development. Some of our Activity Clubs are English Enhancement club, Theatre club, Art, Cookery, Music, Graphic, Oratory Club, Tech club and Dance club.

Exclusive club with external collaboration

One step ahead production: Theatre and Drama
TEDx Talk
Sports Club - Our spacious playgrounds are well equipped for developing and nurturing physical strength, coordination and flexibility in our student fraternity. They include various sports activities such as Swimming, Cricket, Basketball, Football, Badminton, Athletics etc.

While the Curative Clubs let the students get support for areas they aren’t strong in, the Booster Clubs deepen existing expertise.

Summer and Winter Camps - IIS identifies the interest of each student and gives them “a choice and voice” to select the structured group of activities that have been ensembled to further their interest without disturbing their unstructured, free play time. This is accomplished through the Summer and Winter Camps, which are a huge success among our students and parents, as they keep students engaged productively during holidays.

To name some of these fun sessions loved and enjoyed by kids of all ages are-

KG: English Enhancement Skills, Zumba and Wester Dance, Ethics and Manners etc
Grades 1-4: French Language, Book Buddies, Fun with Science and Nature etc.
Grades 5-9: Slice of Art, Vocal Music, Creative Writing, Net Ethics and Tech Corner etc.
III. External Events & Programs
The Model United Nations Club: Our middle school and high school students across participate in Model United Nations conferences, an extra-curricular activity in which students typically roleplay delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees. This involves substantial researching, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, as well as critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities and at the end of most conferences, outstanding delegates in each committee are recognized and given an award certificate; the Best Delegate in each committee, however, receives a gavel.

IIS students respond to societal and global issues: Our middle school and High School students respond to the call for identifying a need, think deeply, share novel ideas aligned with the values of sustainability, affordability and feasibility through meaningful enriching projects like Round Square, Change Makers Challenge and I Can, Expo 2020.

Breaking down Barriers: Participation in The Poetic Heart that brings poets from all over the world to share their self-composed lines on the theme of Peace, Culture and Universal Harmony develops the emotional intelligence of our students, who have been appreciated for their recitation.

The Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, the Arab World’s largest celebration of written and spoken literature on the other hand have instilled in the mind of our young learners a deep understanding of different cultures and the ways Literature enhances all our lives.

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