School Librarian of the Year Award 2023

The eighth edition of the School Librarian of the Year Award, presented by The General Secretariat of the Executive Council of Dubai and Emirates Literature Foundation, is open for nominations until 13 November 2023. For eight years, the award has been acknowledging the vital role that librarians play in inspiring pupils to read for pleasure.


The competition is open to school librarians in both public (government) and private schools in the UAE.

“It is our pleasure to continue supporting the School Librarians Award for the tangible impact we have witnessed over the past years in enriching the culture of reading among the students” said Shumous Bin Faris, Advisor at the General Secretariat of The Executive Council of Dubai. “Reading is the most valuable input to gain knowledge in various fields, which enhances the broadening of horizons, empowers generations and arms them with science and knowledge for the future”.


“As we approach the deadline for the School Librarian of the Year Award nominations in 2023, we are reminded of the invaluable contributions of these unsung heroes who ignite the love of reading in our students.” Ahlam Bolooki, CEO of Emirates Literature Foundation, said, “In a world filled with distractions, the role of librarians remains pivotal, not only for the sake of literature but for inspiring our youth. I encourage everyone to take this opportunity to recognize and celebrate these dedicated professionals who are shaping the future of our young readers.” She added.


To nominate a deserving school librarian or to self-nominate, please visit the website. All nominations must be submitted online and can be in either Arabic or English.


Librarians will be assessed by a panel of judges based on specific criteria, including their contribution to academic and literacy standards in the school, their efforts in fostering reading for pleasure, innovative initiatives, and support for students’ creative talents.



Nominations can be put forward by any individual, including colleagues, headteachers, parents, and students. Self-nominations are also welcome and encouraged. Librarians will be assessed by a panel of judges through an initial judging  process and the shortlisted nominees will be visited in their school libraries. All nominees will be offered Professional Development opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria

Librarians, working with students up to age 18, and are full time employees in schools in the UAE are eligible for the award.  Nominations must be submitted online and can be in either Arabic or English. Shortlisted nominees from both public and private schools will be judged on the library’s role within the school and wider community in line with the following criteria:

  • What is the librarian’s role in raising academic and literacy standards in their school?
  • How has the librarian positively influenced reading habits within their school? Including Reading for Pleasure.
  • How does the librarian make the best use of available resources (including the physical library space, the collections and technology)?
  • What projects or innovative ideas has the librarian introduced within the school to support the students and wider community?
  • How has the librarian involved or engaged others in their initiatives and projects? This may include outreach or involvement with parents, families, child carers, other staff and librarians within their school and beyond, the wider community in the UAE and internationally.
  • Explain how the librarian supports the creative talents of the students (encouraging them to participate in competitions, attend education sessions, talks or workshops).
  • Why do you feel the librarian deserves this Award?

The closing date for nominations is 13 November 2023. For more information and to enter the competition, click here.