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Al Ain American School is a high-performance private school established in 2006 and located in Al Ain, in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It follows the American Curriculum - California Common Core standards, offering a unique, inspirational, and creative learning environment to students from kindergarten to Grade 9.

Our aim is to enrich our students’ spectrum of knowledge by applying a curriculum in a way that allows for the 21st century skills and methods to be embedded in every lesson, therefore paving the way for the students to become responsible ambassadors in a global society.

With the help of our culturally diverse, competent, and qualified team of professionals, the school aims to place itself at the forefront of educational development. We thrive on creating opportunities for all students to feel valued, equal, and acknowledge that each of them progresses at a different pace. While giving them the necessary space, tools, technological aids and resources to do so, we work to focalize the importance of maintaining students’ positive attitudes, disciplined behavior, self-reliance, and the understanding of traditional values, culture, and heritage of the United Arab Emirates.

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Al Ain American Private School

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    Ruba Al Shadid
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The school offers an array of extracurricular activities to the students bearing in mind the holistic development of our students. The extracurricular activities offered are aimed at building both the physical and psychological aspects of our children. Some of the extracurricular activities offered at school are:

Academic: French as a Foreign Language, Creative Writing, Mental Mathematics, STEM, Robotics

Skill Enhancement: Calligraphy, Visual Arts, Drama, Debate and Public Speaking, Media and Journalism

Physical and Natural Development: Ballet, Zumba, Gardening, Community Services

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