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Al Ittihad Private School Al Mamzar (IPSM) is an American Curriculum school, underpinned by Emirati Culture, Character, and Philosophy. IPSM is unique!  We work towards preserving the local culture and heritage and instilling core Islamic values in our learners.  Whilst keeping our religious values intact, we prepare our students to meet the needs and challenges of the modern world with high competency, confidence, and competitive skills.

Al Ittihad is a fully inclusive learning community and we firmly believe that every member of our community has a distinctive voice, purpose, and gift. The concept of tolerance is embedded in our daily lives as we live our Islamic religion within the context of all that we do. Hence, we have developed special bonds with all of our families, and they understand our uniqueness and see our school as an extension of family life.

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    Deidre Elise Diaz
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New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)

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.It enhances learning, promotes challenges and progression, and includes creative experiences and cross-curricular activities. The school focuses on student learning outcomes and the development of life-long learning skills. The focus of the curriculum on skills provides opportunities for students to master the processes of interpreting, group collaboration, synthesizing, self-assessment, and problem-solving; all of which provide options and challenges for all students.

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