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Al Salam Private School is a very successful British Cambridge Curriculum School set at the edge of historic Dubai. Our learning environment enables successful learning to take place throughout the building, not just in the classroom. Our FS and Key Stage One playground is a very effective outdoor learning provision, with students taking part in a variety of learning experiences, including water play, playing music on our music wall, getting ‘messy’ in the mud kitchen, drawing on the chalk walls and developing their strength and balancing on the climbing apparatus.

The ethos where ‘Every Child is Special’ is very evident and indeed I would extend this to the wider Al Salam community by insisting ‘where every person is special’ including all Staff and all Parents and family members as well.  We care for all members of the Al Salam community and this is evidenced by the second generation of students attending Al Salam, a rare feat in Dubai.  This is reciprocated by our contributions to the growth of Dubai and the UAE and being fully immersed in all the positive initiatives of the KHDA and the UAE.

Our commitment to ensure every child becomes a ‘lifelong learner’ is never more relevant than in this era of digital advancement, whereby skills and character are to be valued alongside academic achievement and ensuring that our students of determination will be provided with the support, accommodations and curricular modifications required to enable equitable access to educational opportunities. The preparation for future studies, work and making a positive contribution to society underpins all that is Al Salam.

The traditions and legacy of Al Salam established over three decades is something to be cherished and yet Al Salam is at the forefront of the latest developments in education both regionally and internationally.

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Al Nahda 2

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    Wendy Banks
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At Al Salam, we seek to provide extensive opportunities for the holistic intellectual and physical development of our students. The school day structure does impose restrictions on the diversity of options and activities we are able to provide our students. As a result, Al Salam School invests a high degree of importance on after-school extra-curricular activities and encourages students and parents to take full advantage of the different available opportunities.

Many of the activities offered in school are provided by Al Salam teachers, however, several activities are also run by external providers.

To inquire further about activities or for parents who wish to offer activities, please contact

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