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Arcadia School brings learning to life with an inclusive culture, latest technology and unique educational programmes. Arcadia is more than just a school, it is an educational experience that brings learning to life, challenges our thinking and shapes creative and confident students into life-long learners. When you walk through the doors you get the palpable sense of a warm, friendly and inclusive community, where every child matters and is encouraged to develop their intellectual curiosity.


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    Giles David Pruett
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Extra Curricular Activities

Our Enrichment Learning Programme is made up of three elements, all delivered within the regular school day:

Sports/Physical activities provided by external experts and coaches (range of options from which parents may choose for their child))
Homework support provided by class teachers
Fun and interactive teacher-led non-sports enrichment programmes
Sports/Physical Sessions Provided By External Coaches And Experts
Enrichment Learning Programme
This portion of the Enrichment Learning Programme (ELP) provides parents with an opportunity to choose from a range of physical/sports activities, for their child. Our aim is to ensure every student has the chance to experience a range of physical activities and to develop new sports-related skills.

Sessions are delivered by highly trained external coaches and experts, experienced at delivering age appropriate physical and sports activities for primary aged children. For students in Years 1 to 6, we provide two physical/sports sessions per week, while for Foundation Stage children, one session per week is allocated.

A range of options is provided each term and parents are provided with the ability to choose from these on behalf of their child.

Non-Sports Enrichment Sessions By Our Talented Teaching Staff

Arcadia also offers one age-appropriate non-sports enrichment activity per week for children from Year 1 to Year 6. This is included in the fees and runs alongside the curriculum. There are so many to choose from, and they change every term. Here are some examples:

Arts and Crafts : Children will explore different materials, artists and techniques.

Irish Dancing : Children will learn various Irish dancing steps and will have the opportunity to perform.

French : Children will learn the basics of the French language in a fun and interactive way.

Happiness Programme : This is a combination of art, music and yoga that focuses on children learning the importance of well-being.

Choir : Children will be part of the Arcadia School choir that will undertake several performances.

Junior MBA : Children will develop an entrepreneurial mindset through a customised programme that is being taught in collaboration with Malvern Prep School in Pennsylvania.

Chess Club : Children will learn to apply skills in strategic thinking, logic, maths and creativity in the 1500-year-old game of chess.

Cooking : Children will learn basic cooking skills and the importance of choosing healthy foods.

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