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Welcome to Bloom World Academy, a pioneering school that dares to do things differently. We are the ideal choice for parents who are looking for more than the typical education system for their children.

We provide a customised education for each child that embraces their individuality and supports their learning journey through a robust academic curriculum. A Learning Achievement Passport sets out their personalised timetable, sets goals, outlines support and challenges and is reviewed collectively and openly with parents and the student every month.

We embrace the world of technology, design and business and we deliver real world experiences. Students are taught and encouraged to be inventors; from Lumos Innovation Labs to Junior Apprenticeships and connections with specialists and business partners, your child will reach their full potential and become future fluent.

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    John Bell
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Extra Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities are an important extension of the day and reflect our recognition of the broad interests of all students. Students will have the opportunity to develop their talents and discover new ones, through co-curricular programs that reinforce what they learn in the classroom, encourage skill development, and build self-esteem. Along the way, students share enriching experiences, forge friendships, and challenge themselves to grow.

The range of our before- and after-school offerings is extensive, with choices in content that is pertinent to the age and stage of each student’s development. Programmes will be led by teachers or leading, specially chosen, outside professionals where students will have fun, learn, and cultivate their unique talents. We facilitate vertical grouping where appropriate. By allowing students of all ages to work together, we create a sense of community, respect for diversity and challenge.

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