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With the school motto of "Ambition, Effort, and Public Service", Dubai Chinese School aims to provide high-quality Chinese basic education for the children of overseas Chinese in Dubai, and strives to realize the vision of building a world-class overseas Chinese basic education school with Chinese characteristics.

The school abides by the school-running philosophy of "all for the students", according to the characteristics of overseas school-running, with the goal of cultivating future qualified citizens with Chinese mind, international vision and humanistic feelings, and builds its own curriculum system, which will focus on Chinese full-time courses, covering All its disciplines and related standards; supplemented by Dubai local courses and international courses, including English, Arabic, sociology, ethics, and combining the latest research and practical results, school-based courses are offered.

School education will practice personality first, and develop five educations simultaneously, and set appropriate goals for students of different ages, aiming to gradually improve their core literacy,

Including people and society: (1) social responsibility; (2) national identity; (3) exchanges and cooperation;

People and tools: (4) humanistic quality, (5) scientific spirit, (6) aesthetic ability;

People and self: (7) learning ability, (8) physical and mental health, (9) innovation consciousness, (10) self-control.

The Chinese School in Dubai will not only bring the advanced education concept of Hangzhou to Dubai, but also make full use of the rich source and composition of teachers, the gathering of international schools in Dubai, and more learning opportunities, and strive to become an overseas base for training future famous teachers. We hope that through no less than 2 years of practical education, teaching and research exchanges, the majority of teachers will be able to achieve noble morality, solid professional foundation, standardized teaching behavior, proficient teaching skills, advanced teaching methods, outstanding teaching quality, and harmonious teamwork. , Reform and aggressiveness, unremitting lifelong learning, teaching and scientific research are mutually beneficial, and become the backbone of education and teaching.

Dubai Chinese School will uphold the fine traditions of Hangzhou No. 2 Middle School and keep pace with the times. With the high state, high level, and high quality of No. 2 Middle School, we will protect the elegance, style and strength of character. Practice kindness, abundance and nobility. We have been searching for a long time to present Chinese education and the wisdom of No. 2 Middle School on the world stage, and build a world-class overseas Chinese school that is pioneering, exemplary and leading.

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    Liping Yin
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Chinese Provincial Ministry of Education

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