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DIS Vision:
To create an outstanding, multi-cultural learning community which empowers students to achieve their potential, become life-long learners and responsible global citizens.

DIS Mission:
At DIS we believe all students fulfil their potential in an inclusive, forward thinking and safe environment, in which each child’s individuality is valued and encouraged. Our committed team of educators provide opportunities for creativity and global awareness through a holistic and nurturing curriculum. They hold high expectations, use innovative learning and teaching approaches and encourage the celebration of cultural diversity. We foster partnerships where students, parents, staff and the wider community actively support and contribute to the achievement of the DIS Vision.

DIS Values:
At DIS, Respect, Excellence, Collaboration and Integrity are the values we live by, that help us action our Vision and Mission. These are also the values of Al-Futtaim Group.
DIS Motto:
“Forever learning, forever achieving”

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Dubai Festival City

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    Simon O'Connor
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Extra Curricular Activities

A child’s day does not end with the ringing of a bell, nor does their boundless energy. One of the ways to channel this energy in a productive and constructive way is to sign your child up for an co-curricular activity or two. DIS offers an extensive activities’ programme; co-curricular sports include football, basketball, rugby, netball, tennis and swimming. A vocal and instrumental programme offers a broad range of musical study. Band, chorus, dance and art programmes are also offered along with other academic and non-academic programmes. There is a significant evidence to demonstrate that activities pursued outside of normal school hours have a profound and positive impact upon the development and well-being of children. In addition, a wide range of trips are organised within Dubai and beyond. Most recent overseas visits include Nepal, Austria, Iceland and London.

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