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Deira Private School is a Happy School. Walk through the vibrant corridors of our school and you will notice the exciting buzz of children learning in the classrooms, innovation and focus in the STEM labs, colours and creativity in the art studio, beats and melodies in the music room, and competitive camaraderie in the sports field. But most importantly, you will notice a school community that is built on values, such as kindness, caring, respect, and responsibility.

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    Ritika Anand
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Extra Curricular Activities

All pupils are encouraged to participate widely across academic, art, performance, language, design and sporting activities, all of which are focused on bespoke learning journeys and outcomes.

In addition to the subject-specific skills, much sought-after ‘soft skills’ of leadership, collaboration, resilience and perseverance that help prepare students for life are central to our programme.

Additionally, we offer lunchtime Enrichment Clubs, as well as a wide range of extra-curricular activities and competitive opportunities, to challenge our students further. Our diverse Creative and Performing Arts curriculum comprises art and design, creative writing, music, drama, dance and ballet, debate and public speaking.
Year 3 to Year 8 | Ms Lorentz
Environment Science Experiment
FS 1 to Year 2 | Ms Apple
Cooking Without Fire
Year 2 to Year 8 | Mr Safouane
FS 1 to Year 1 | Ms Alma
Ball Skills
Year 2 to Year 8 | Ms Puja
Basketball and Badminton
Year 2 to Year 8 | Ms Alma
Year 1 to Year 4 | Ms Lorentz
Year 5 to Year 8 | Ms Lorentz
FS 1 to Year 2 | Ms Lisa
Year 3 to Year 8 | Ms Lisa
Year 3 to Year 8 | Ms Babita, Mr Basel, Ms Sherry
English as Additional Language Support
Year 3 to Year 8 | Ms Saloua
Club Français
Year 5 to Year 8 | Ms Ashmee
DePS TEDTalk (Public Speaking and Personality Development)
Year 5 to Year 8 | Ms Delsa, Ms Ivory
Model United Nations
Year 3 to Year 6 | Ms Rozina
Drama and Theatre
FS 1 to Year 8 | Ms Erika, Ms Jellyn, Ms Gilscathaouts
TheraPlay at DePS
Year 5 to Year 8 | Mr Tola, Ms Alizah
DePS Entrepreneurs and Event Managers
Year 5 to Year 8 | Mr Tola, Ms Alizah
DePS Community Service and Eco Warriors
Year 1 to Year 8 | Ms Lalita, Ms Ofelia
Duke of Edinburgh Award
Year 6 to Year 8 | Coach TBA
World Scholars Cup at DePS

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