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We opened our doors in 2005 and we are now one of the most sought-after British Curriculum school in Dubai.

Our campus has a happy, harmonious and friendly feel, with a strong sense of community and caring throughout the year groups.  As a through school from age 3-18 students and staff know and recognise each other.

We have many opportunities to encourage the year groups to mix, help and show kindness & understanding all the way through the school. From Peer Mentors in Secondary to class buddies, playground palls and library champignons.

Our approach to education is founded on our Vision, Mission and Values – a framework of ideas used to guide our development. These are statements to which we would like to be held accountable by our community.

At Dubai British School we believe that every member of our community Enjoy, Aspire, Achieve!

Dubai British School Emirates Hills is a safe and happy community where achievement and effort are celebrated. Embracing local and British values, we strive to inspire and challenge young minds in a supportive and tolerant international environment. We believe in supporting all members of the community to develop the necessary life and learning skills to thrive in an ever-changing global world.

Feeling Good, Doing Good

At DBS Emirates Hills we believe that people who have high levels of emotional, behavioural and social wellbeing live happy, purposeful and productive lives. Our approach is to develop a learning community which is positive, engaged and connected in line with our school’s vision statement.

Pioneering – Challenge the norm. Visionary, Authentic, Aspirational, Focused
Professional – Attract and retain the best people. Insightful, Diverse, Distinctive, Excellence, Creative
Nurturing – Put students first. Inclusive, Holistic, Respectful, Compassionate, Communicative
Spirited – Have a passion for life. Courageous, Determined, Engaging, Adaptable

Dubai British School Emirates Hills is committed to developing Global Citizenship and providing an Intercultural education for our students. To this effect we have embedded the four pillars Moral Education within our curriculum. These pillars are; character and morality; the individual and the community; civic studies; and cultural studies. This curriculum is designed to develop young people of all nationalities and ages in the UAE with universal principles and values, that reflect the shared experiences of humanity. The values within the Moral Education program reflect our of values as a school, and are at the heart of our Vision to allow all members of our school community to Enjoy, Aspire, Achieve.

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Springs 3, Emirates Hills, PO Box 37828, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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    Sarah Jane Reynolds
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Extra Curricular Activities

Education is a partnership with parents, students and the school all working together to reveal each child’s potential.

We believe that ECA’s (Extra-Curricular Activities) are a vital part of our learning environment and we actively encourage all pupils to make the most of the opportunities provided. Although most of the ECA programme is run by our staff and are free-of-charge, we do use outside agencies for some specialist activities which there is a fee for.

We offer a wide range of ECA’s and parents will receive the ECA options for internally and externally run ECA’s for each term by email after the term starts, along with instructions on how to sign up. Previous ECA’s include: Art club, fitness, camera club, cricket, digital art and animation, diving, filmmaking club, drama and dance, Duke of Edinburgh, F1 in School, eco kids, gifted and talented, fitness, girls football, golf, hockey, ICT club, coding club, chess club, learn to draw, literacy and ICT games, maths games, Model United Nations, netball, papercraft, recreational football, Primary choir, Primary Pop-up Council, Quran club, diving and much more!

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