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Dubai Heights Academy is a brilliant British Curriculum school located in Al Barsha South, providing educational excellence alongside a quality inclusive education system for students from Foundation Stage up to Year 9. We aim to inspire students to dream more, learn more, do more and become more; through positive energy, vision and unity.

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Dubai Heights Academy, Al Barsha South, Dubai

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    Alison Lamb
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    At Dubai Heights Academy we provide educational excellence alongside a quality inclusive education system. We aim to inspire students to dream more, learn more, do more and become more; through positive energy, vision and unity. We have a progressive, creative and engaging school with enriching programmes, state of the art technology, where every child feels secure, significant and valued. We draw and build on strong family ties, Islamic values and deep rooted heritage to build a vibrant well-knit international community. Dubai Heights Academy is focused on developing knowledgeable and innovative students who can undertake the challenges of whatever the future holds. On behalf of us all here, we look forward to welcoming you to our Dubai Heights Academy community and showing you why Every Child, Every Mind and Everybody matters.
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We understand that choosing the right school can be a daunting task and our admissions team will be on hand to guide parents through the entire process. Step by Step Admission process: Step 1 - Applicant completes online enquiry form for DHA Step 2 - Registrar will contact the applicant to discuss the enquiry Step 3 - Applicant to submit all required supporting documents and pay non-transferable application fee of AED 525 Step 4 - Application and documents will be reviewed, if admission criteria are met the child will be offered an assessment (please note that due to the current situation that is Covid 19, conditional offers may be made and assessments may be carried out when the student(s) start school) Step 5 - Child undertakes assessment Step 6 - Should the assessment be successful and school places are available, a seat will be reserved for the child Step 7 - A non-transferable registration deposit of 10% of the KHDA approved fees is required to secure the place (deductible from the first term’s fees)

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TBC as we will not be offering IGCSE and GCSE until August 2023.

Extra Curricular Activities

Dubai Heights Academy offers an extensive ECA programme to students of all year groups, both free of charge and at an extra cost from Mondays - Fridays. These options change each term, giving the children the chance to engage in a variety of different activities and experiences that support their social, emotional, cognitive and academic development. Some of the available paid activities include Ballet, Football, Tennis, Basketball, Karate, Gymnastics, Multi Sports Club and Robotics and we are privileged to team up with a well-known company who run these, ISM Sports. Some of our school-led and free activities include Arabic Fun, Arabic Calligraphy, Lego Mania, Mindfulness & Yoga, Cool Coders, Debating Club, Drama Club, Youth Theatre, Funky Fingers, Bookaholics, Comic Book Club, Fantastic French, Drawing for Fun, Crafts from Drafts, Sensory Play, Digital Artists, Construction, as well as invitational sports squads.

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