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Because the vision and mission of Dubai Schools Al Barsha dovetail with the national priorities of the UAE. The main objective of the Dubai Schools Al Barsha Project is to create a mutually beneficial partnership between the government and the private sector that ensures Dubai’s aspiration to have 100% of Emirati Students enrolled in 'Good+' rated schools by 2021.


Equipping students with the necessary life skills to face future challenges, both national and global, with resilience, while encouraging them to be ambitious self-directed learners.

Trust & Empathy

Developing a home-school relationship based on trust and respect, while fostering a welcoming school environment in order for every student to flourish and every parent to feel reassured. Bringing empathy into our classrooms and embedding it as a core value.

Collaboration & Inclusion

An outstanding quality of education accessible to all learners extends an all-rounded opportunity for each and every student.

Cultural Preservation

American education grounded in Emirati culture and values offers a progressive learning environment to learn and grow. The school environment itself is guided by Arabic and Islamic principles and values, while the curriculum fosters tolerance, independence, as well an international mindset.

Academic excellence

By delivering a strong American curriculum with excellence in teaching and learning through its caring, inspiring, and inclusive environment. The curriculum will also prepare and inspire students to contribute positively to a rapidly changing world. Problem-solving, critical thinking, and life skills will be core values infused in their education, providing the students with a global perspective and context.

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    Aimee Michelle Fleming
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Our school offers various extra-curricular activities. Please visit our website and/or contact us for more details.

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