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We provide an educational environment in which students are nurtured to become inquisitive, forward thinking young adults that are able to actively participate and contribute toward UAE society and other global cultures.

With Islamic values at its core, PEA continually strives for academic excellence, keeping in mind UAE National Agenda Targets and other renowned international benchmarks, such as FBISE and Cambridge International Examinations.

Another intrinsic part of the school’s focus is identity and we endeavour to instill in students the necessity of valuing good character, morality and cultural diversity – both nationally and internationally.

Inclusion is one of the top priorities for the school and is highly valued, with students being encouraged to play an active role in recognising and developing their potential.

Among PEA’s overarching objectives is to develop students into intellectually astute, religiously and morally conscious citizens who are ready to embrace this era of technological progress.

Indeed, the future belongs to them and it is our duty to adequately prepare and equip them – and we are honoured to do so.

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Umm Hurair

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    Shamaela Al Quaid Ahmad
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Extra Curricular Activities

Morning Assembly at PEA is considered a time for confidence-building and development of presentational skills in students. This is followed by a session geared towards inculcating in them the love of Allah, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the core values of Islam.

Events, such as field trips and educational excursions are facilitated to extend student-learning beyond the classroom. Many activities, such as Pakistan Day Celebrations, U.A.E National Day, Quaid’s and Sir Iqbal Days encourage the appreciation and development of understanding for local, regional and international cultures and traditions.

Every Thursday, we conduct a Club Hour with our students for co-curricular activities.

- The Girls’ Wing is a thriving hub of activity, ranging from celebrations marking significant occasions, educational/field trips, to enthusiastic participation in local community events. Our aim with these activities is for the emergence of students as well-rounded, confident individuals who are able to actively participate and contribute towards society, while proudly maintaining their identities. Recently we have added special Tajweed lessons to all our classes so that our students can recite the Holy Quran proficiently. Prayer also constitutes an integral part of the school routine.

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