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The Philippine Global School is a God-centered learning institution. It is committed to providing education for the development of the youth in all aspects of life, striving for excellence in academic, social, physical and spiritual lives of its students, their families, the community and the world. We envision to be the Center of Academic Excellence, train students to become good leaders who are globally competitive and build character that make a difference; equipping them to be competent for the future challenges and be of service to mankind. Our mission is to provide an affordable quality education while developing and nurturing the whole child in a God-centered environment.

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Twenty First Century Praivate Academy

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    Dr. Riza R. Danao
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Extra Curricular Activities

To facilitate the learning experience of students, The Philippine School Abu Dhabi has a wide range of extracurricular activities. The ECA program is designed to:

Provide students with meaningful learning opportunities outside the classroom
Extend and support classroom learning
Encourage cooperation and teamwork among students
Create a positive environment focused on developing strong social skills among staff members and students
Enhance the school-community relationship through parents and community involvement
The Philippine School offers a set of co-curricular activities and clubs. Co-curricular activities include:

Academic competitions
Club-activities such as photography club are especially popular among students. All activities are scheduled for every Thursday afternoon. Special events are also organised to foster cultural identity and knowledge about local and international events.

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